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Spring decoration

Spring has arrived! And along with it comes a completely new colourful season to enjoy outdoor spaces, but also new indoor decorations. Many researches show that redecorating a space according to the season of the year, has an extremely positive effect on our state of mind. And our biggest wish is to see everyone happy and pleased.

We present a new spring furniture collection to adapt either your home or establishment to the most colourful season of the year. Check out our spring chairs, tables in cheerful colours, spring accessories in fresh shades and with flower prints… our selection gives you everything that you and your spring decoration require to be a tiny bit more happy.

Thousands of spring decoration ideas, just for you

Spring gives you endless possibilities to create cheerful and lively combinations of colours and prints. Get rid of the blankets and welcome the flowers! Start with your sofa and dress it with floral print cushions or covers in fresh and plain colours. Another excellent idea is to mix and match both of them.

What to think of a colourful spring table decoration for your next gathering at home? Pick your favourite spring flowers, a glass vase that gives brightness ¡et voilà!. And if you are handy, you could always opt for some spring DIY to add a very personal touch to your home décor: napkin rings, garlands, framed plants…And as the icing on the cake, you might choose colourful spring chairs like our range of TOWER models. With just a bit of creativity, the spring décor will revive every corner without any effort.